Friday, July 26, 2013

A Place to Belong

Hello Lovies,

I wanted to write to you and show you where you belong.

Your days of having nothing and being nobody to anyone are SO OVER little Mr's!

Here's a tour of your room. It's all ready and waiting for you!

Here's the new magnet board papa got for you boys. He's going to make you a sensory board to go right there too.

Here's the reading nook. We'll spend lots of time here reading and doing puzzles.

See brothers, here's all our books!
 Here's your brother's bed.

And your beds

These cuddly guys will be making the long trip over with us for you. Blue for you Ivan and the green one is yours Levi.

Mama just finished this project and LOVES how it turned out! 5 is a good number, don't ya think? We're going to need another chair!!

We CANNOT wait to put pictures in those frames!!

There you are in our living room. Once mama has more pictures I'll replace yours with black and white too, but for now I like how you two stick out :)

Your pictures are also on our fridge. Mama kisses them and prays that you are safe and taken care of every time I see them.

We cannot wait for you to be here at the table with us, eating sloppies and getting...sloppy :)

Landon will teach you how to use a sippy cup...

Yep guys, this way works a lot better!
 Landon can't wait to play outside with you!

"I've got lots of cars for us to play with!"

"See here go!"

We're ready and waiting for you lovies!! It wont be long now!!

We still do not have a travel date, but the family who submitted one week ahead of us and who we thought we'd be traveling the same time as, received theirs today!! They will be leaving on August 6th. YES as in less than TWO weeks from today!! We should be getting our travel date VERY soon and it is likely we will only be around a week behind them!! I know many of you do not use facebook, but just a reminder that we will only be able to share pictures and detailed information while we travel through our private facebook group. Just add me as friend and send me a message asking to be in our adoption group :)

We love you all!! We cannot thank you enough for praying for our family (all 5 of us :) This is really going to happen! Can you believe it!?!?

SO MUCH TO DO!!! My heart is overflowing!!

See you soon my lovies!!

Your Mama

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  1. Oh I AM SO EXCITED for you! Just a couple more weeks... That will feel like forever bit lore than likely fly by!