Sunday, August 23, 2015

Team Maxwell (we saved the best picture for last)

There's that Ukrainian stink eye we know and love haha. She was not thrilled to be taken outside close to bed time and made to sit in the grass.

We're desperately wrapped around those perfect stubby little fingers.

She made it through with the help of lots of cheerios.

Not quite how we pictured this one, but they were all done by this point.

Forget sitting on the bench, it's way more fun to jump off of it!

Baby Maxwell #5 due Feb 23rd

We actually gained THREE new little Maxwell's in one week. We found out I was expecting right after we finalized court and legally made Gresham and EmarieJoy a part of our family!!

How are we feeling about this news?!?

I'm sure I will write a lot more about it in the future, but for now just know we fluctuate between feeling like we must be the most blessed family that ever lived and being so overwhelmed we struggle to keep our lunch down.

Above all, we continue to cling to the Author of our story. He was not caught off guard by this baby's arrival in my womb. We know His timing is perfect and His plan for us is only to prosper us in all the ways that matter most.

Our life has never been easy, but it has always been beautiful and we have no doubt that this baby will bring even more beauty and richness into our lives.

Every child is unique and precious, whether anticipated or whether they're the biggest surprise of your life. Every child deserves to be loved, cherished, and celebrated from the moment their presence becomes known.

So even though 5 children in less than 5 years seems absolutely insane, this is our story and we wouldn't trade any of our 5 beautiful blessings for the world!!

So please celebrate with us!!