Friday, October 9, 2015

Coming Soon to the Maxwell House...

 Two days ago was my 20 week appointment and ultra sound. Unfortunately Ryan couldn't get off work so we decided the next best thing to him being there and finding out if our 5th child is a boy or girl would be all of us finding out as a family.

So I told the ultra sound tech that I didn't want to know, but she could put the exciting results in an envelope.

It was so hard holding the envelope and not peaking. Luckily, soon I got called back to talk with my doctor. It was a very encouraging visit. She remembered me from when I was pregnant with Landon and wanted to hear all about how he is doing and how our family has grown since his birth.

She said she feels so blessed to play a small role in our families story and I told her she actually played quite a big role. She was the one who delivered the news that it looked like there was something wrong with Landon's heart and referred us to our cardiologist. I told her she changed our whole world that day, but it ended up being one of the biggest blessings because it led us down the road of special needs parenting and adoption. 

It was a beautiful moment to get to share with her how so much beauty came out of such a devastating time.

After we had caught up and she had gawked over pics of the kids, she went on to tell me that the littlest Maxwell seems to have "perfect anatomy". I don't really like the term since all of our children are perfect in our eyes, but I breathed a sigh of relief that hopefully this baby's time in my womb and first days in this world will be much less traumatic than Landon's were.

Everything looks great and baby is measuring over a week bigger than expected, but for now we're keeping the due date Feb. 23rd.

After my appointment I went straight to the cupcake shop to drop of our special envelope so they could make cupcakes for our family gender reveal party the next day.

Ryan picked up the cupcakes over his lunch break yesterday and after Ivan's therapy we went home to have our little party. Ryan wouldn't even let us eat dinner first since the suspense was killing him!

So we ate our dessert first and...

Coming soon to the Maxwell house.....

More PINK!!!!

Yep, come February us Maxwell girls wont be quite so outnumbered!!

I think Emma approves!!

 and so do all the adoring brothers

They're all screaming "yay another sissy!!"

 Daddy and mama couldn't be more thrilled either!!

Baby GIRL Maxwell (20 weeks)

Photo bomb blur courtesy of Landon Anthony (excited big brother)