Wednesday, August 6, 2014

7 years & 9 months

WOW!! Another month has come and gone!! We are quickly approaching that big ONE year home mark and I can hardly believe how time is flying by!!

We have so much to look forward to and yet we're trying to cling to every last bit of Summer that we can!

Some very big things have happened this last month, for starters...

Ivan got his activity chair!!

Sitting in it during speech therapy
Landon thinks it's pretty comfy too!!

This chair has improved our daily lives so much. Ivan sits in it at the table and it gives him the support to eat and drink without having to work so hard to support himself. His self feeding is improving a lot and he can now use an open mouth cup with very minimal spilling and no choking!!

We got a pool!!

Haha just a little cheapo one, but the kids just LOVE it, even our Landon who, until now, has been terrified of water.

This is his "really excited, I LOVE WATER" expression!!

Sometimes all 4 of us cram into it. If our neighbors didn't already think we're crazy, this has definitely confirmed it for them haha

Saturday in the Park

Our church puts on a free event called "Saturday in the Park" We have a BLAST!!

Pointing to the giant slide daddy and Ivan were going to go down.

Pretty excited about getting a balloon animal!!
Ivan ate at least 3 bags of popcorn (with a little help from Landon ;)!!

Did I mention Dunn Bros iced coffee is provided?!?
My joy boy!
My love bug

So I know after seeing all those pics, you all want to come check it out right??? Well for all you local peeps, come on out to Kiwanis park (S Washington & W Bowen) this Saturday (Aug 9th) from 11- 2 for an awesome time of family fun!! All activities, food and beverages are free, but we will be accepting donations of shampoo, body wash, and laundry detergent for "Carries Kids". If you can bring any of those items it would be a huge blessing to a family in need.

Hope to see you there!!

Ryan accepted a new job!!

Ryan has been wanting a change for quite a while now, but when we found out I was pregnant we knew that God was saying, "it's time guys!" Ryan began applying everywhere, even some jobs out of state, we were open to whatever God called us to. I'm thrilled to tell you that after a ton of application filling out, some job interviews, doors seeming to open and doors closing shut, Ryan was offered a job locally and after much prayer and some necessary changes being made, he accepted!! We are so happy that God is keeping us here for now!!

BIG NEWS!! Ivan Turned 7!!!

He always makes a disgusted face when unwrapping presents. I think it's a sensory thing.

<3 <3 <3

Ivan isn't a fan of cake so I made him cookies and cream popcorn instead.

Safe to say it was a hit with the whole fam, especially birthday boy :)

We had a such a great day, just hanging out together as a family and celebrating our oldest son's birthday and the fact that he's in our family now where his life is cherished and celebrated.

To be honest, there were moments on Aug 3rd where my heart was heavy and deep in thought. Most days I am able to just focus on the present and don't give much thought to life before Ivan, but on his birthday my heart couldn't help pondering the fact that we have missed out on many precious years of his life.

Ivan has had 6 birthday's pass without a birthday song, cuddles, presents, and special treats.

My baby has a past that I will never fully know and that is so hard for this mama's heart to handle.

With Landon's birthday's we take out the photo books. We reminisce the treasured memories and celebrate his growth and the change his little life has experienced.... I couldn't do that with Ivan... and that hurt.

I like to think that his life is just beginning and truly it is, when you consider that he wasn't really given the chance to "live" while he laid in a crib for 5 years by himself, but that doesn't change the fact that he did indeed suffer through those years.

My mind tried to imagine what his "birth"day might of been like. Was his birth mother full of excitement or dread when she realized her baby was coming early? Was she filled with joy when he was born? Did she look into his eyes for the first time with adoration or fear? My heart breaks inside when I think of the agonizing guilt, shame, and sadness she must of felt leaving the hospital without her child. Or maybe she delivered him somewhere else and then brought him to the hospital to abandon him.

My heart just aches for her...

A part of me hates that she holds pieces of his story that I never will.

More than anything, I just wish I could send her these pictures.

I wish she could see her child is not dead. He is alive, loved beyond measure, and thriving.

So it was a day mixed with some sorrow, but a whole lot of joy and celebration.

I will forever treasure the memories of seeing Ivan's face light up when he realized today we were celebrating him.

It was so obvious that he felt special and loved.

And we do love him, oh man, we love this boy to pieces!! I can't say enough about how he has blessed our lives and changed our family for the better. Although I hate that my baby has gone through so much without having a daddy and mama to protect him, I praise God that those days are OVER.

Another birthday will never go uncelebrated!!

Ivan got his wheels!!

The day after Ivan's birthday his wheelchair was delivered. He has had it for a couple days now and his pt is amazed by how quickly he's figuring it out. 

He still prefers crawling around which we encourage, but his wheelchair is opening up a new world for him. He's realizing when he's in it he can reach door knobs, book shelves, and see what is going on so much better. Today I had him help me make lunch and he was SO proud of himself. He wheels himself all over our apartment now (with minimal help when turning)!

First day with his new wheels!

Our precious Ivan Abraham, 7 YEARS OLD, home 9 months!!

The future is BRIGHT!!

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