Monday, April 27, 2015

The No Place Like Home Giveaway

Firstly, a little update!

For those of you who aren't in our private adoption group on facebook (ask and I'll add you), you may not have heard our exciting news, we were submitted last Thurs!!

That means we are now only waiting for travel dates. It's likely we'll be traveling in June, but nothing is certain until we get that anticipated call from our facilitator letting us know the very day our adventure will really begin.

So right now we're just trying to keep busy while we wait.... and fundraise!!

We only need around 6k more to be fully funded!!

Since we have about a month left before we travel Ryan and I figured we should try one more big fund raiser.

We decided on another giveaway (last adoption we did the Tell Your Story Givaway). I've been brainstorming trying to think of something that would be different than some of the other giveaway's I've seen and also something that I can really get passionate about.

The idea for this giveaway was birthed because we bought a fixer upper 6 months ago and our project list seems to be never ending. Most of our projects have gotten pushed to the "after we get the kids home" category, but we've still made a lot of cosmetic changes to our new place and it's really beginning to feel like home.

With Spring upon us, I'm assuming that your to-do list is also long...

Maybe you have a ton of projects pinned on pinterest that you'd love to create, but there's just not money in the budget for them...

Well we want to help!!

Here's the deal, you help us bring our babies HOME and we want to help you make your Home even more beautiful this Summer!!

Here's how it's going to work...

Donation Amounts: 

$10 - 1 Entry

$25 - 5 Entries

$50 - 10 Entries 

$100 - 30 Entries

$500 - 250 Entries

 Tee-shirt purchase - 3 Entries

 For every entry, your name will be entered into our Giveaway and
on May 29th we will post a video of the two winners chosen through

The First name that is chosen will win (drum roll!!!!!!)


The Second name chosen will receive a


Just imagine what you could do with those prizes!! Maybe you need something practical, like a new lawn mower, or maybe you've had your eye on a beautiful painting, but can't bring yourself to spend the pretty penny it costs, this way you have a chance to purchase those things, while also helping bring two children into a forever family, a forever home. 

Can you handle a little more excitement?!?

We are also launching a new t-shirt fundraiser and guess what!! You can get in on both of these fundraisers at the same time!! 

For every shirt that you purchase you will receive 3 entries into the No Place Like Home Giveaway!!

Please Share on FB, Twitter or your blog!! This also counts as an Entry! 
Just leave a comment below telling us where you shared and your name will be entered.
Tax Deductible Donations can be made to our Family Sponsorship Page at: REECES RAINBOW
Please send your receipt to:
Donations can also be made in person, or through Paypal.

 Remember this giveaway will end on May 29th so don't wait to place your entries!!!
Will you help us reach our goal and bring our children home?