Monday, March 18, 2013

Hope is Rising!

We had a very busy yet wonderful weekend.

Hope is rising in our home.

We have been told that if all continues to go smoothly and we get our home study soon, we will most likely be traveling mid to late JUNE to get our boys.

I have moments where I just pause and I'm blown over by the reality that this is actually happening. We gave God our willingness and God is moving mountains on our behalf.


I am that giddy pregnant mother who is constantly dreaming and staring at the ultra sound pictures except that my babies are not inside my womb and they are not black and white blobs on a shiny piece of paper. I get lost in their distinct features and my heart is broken daily by the realization that I've missed another day of their precious lives.

We need to get them home.

We long for them so badly that their presence almost seems evident in our home.

We did something we were not going to do...

we purchased their beds yesterday.

We were going to wait until we got our USCIS approval (just to be safe), but hope is rising and I just want to act on it (not to mention we found an amazing sale)!!

We continue to fight...

We labeled 70 tip jars with their sweet faces this weekend!

It felt good!

It felt so good to be doing something (besides paperwork) that made me feel like we're one step closer.

In God's perfect timing the new Audio Adrenaline album came out this weekend.

That's right, they're back baby!!!

I saw them on their farewell tour when I was 16 and I'm pretty sure I cried when they played their last song. I sang "Strong" at my home school graduation and the words of that song are still my life prayer... SEND ME!!

So how perfect is it that their new album is centered around what God has shown them while working with orphans in Haiti through their Hands and Feet project?

Ryan and I have been blasting their new album through our apartment for the past two days. We're letting the words penetrate and fill our hearts with hope, courage, and passion.

Thank you Audio Adrenaline.

One of my favorites on the new album is this...

This song puts to words what my heart sings.

Ryan and I may not feel courageous everyday, but we move forward because deep down we're believers.

We believe that our God can level our mountains.

We believe that if our God can raise a dead man to life then He can also bring healing and restoration to two little 5 year old boys that the world has given up on.

We believe that through the power of Christ dwelling in us, we can walk on water.

The other night both Ryan and I were feeling overwhelmed when I had this random thought. I looked over at Ryan and said,

"Babe, we're walking on water. (long pause as I tried to understand what I had just said so I could explain it) What we're doing is impossible, but we're doing it, God's doing it. But when we look around at our circumstances, we start to realize that we're walking on water, we get scared, we worry, and then we begin to sink. Let's not look around baby. Let's fix our eyes on Jesus and believe that with Him ALL things are possible.

So that's what we're doing.

We're fixing our eyes on Jesus and taking one wobbly and scary step at a time in complete faith.
Look at all of the hearts that have stepped out of the boat with us and are believing the impossible!

We are going to get our boys home. Please take our hand, give your heart, and join in this fight against the enemy. Together, we can push back the mountains and stand on the waves.

Will you believe with us?

That's not even all of the hearts, but I figured I shouldn't wait till I have the time to catch up on making them to let you guys see how God is growing hearts for our precious ones. I believe we can fill up the wall completely by the time they come home :)

Tonight is a big night!! 

If you are in the Bismarck area, PLEASE come out to the Pizza Ranch between 5 and 9 (buffet closes at 8) for a great time and some great pizza!! Me, Ryan and some of our friends will be bussing tables. All tips and 10% of the nightly proceeds will go directly to the ransom of our sweet boys!

We'd love to see you there!!

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