Thursday, February 21, 2013


Is it truly Thursday already?!?

Where did the week go I am wondering...

Right now, adoption feels like training for a marathon. I still have other things to focus on... normal life things... like work, school, church, family, friends, but it's always there. My mind feels like it is in constant training mode.

Granted I am not running 20 miles a day (I can't remember the last time I put on my running shoes, oh yeah that would be the Bismarck half marathon... in.... was it October? Read about it here), I am constantly thinking documents, paperwork, funding, scheduling appointments, researching.

It is extremely taxing.

I remember training for marathons and thinking that it should really be considered a full time job because who can spend hours and hours running in their free time? Adoption feels the same way. There is SO much to do. The little steps we are making seem so small in comparison to how far we have to go, but I know that it's the hard runs that make you stronger. It's the days where you just don't want to do it anymore... but you lace up your shoes anyway.

We have a lot of those days.

I am also finding though, that this is an amazing experience to share with my husband, even more amazing then running a race together.

We need each other.

We know we can't do this without one another.

With each signiture we both place on each document, it feels like a promise, a covenant, that come what may, we're in this together.

Even though it still feels like we have so far to go, we truly are making progress.
Our last home study visit is TOMORROW!!!! WAHOOOO!!

We are also working hard getting our dossier compiled.

We are so excited to be moving ahead (slowly but surely) in our adoption process, but with every step forward comes added expenses. I would be lying if I said I have not had at least one breakdown this week due to our finances. It kills me that there are some things we have had to put off, just because we don't have the money right now.

I just want to do everything as quickly as possible because everyday I'm haunted by the knowledge of the neglect and pure evil our boys are facing on a daily basis. I know we are in a race against time to get them out of there, but the huge money mountain standing in our way is heartbreaking to me.

I know that it should not be. I know that through the power of Christ we can say the word and that mountain will be leveled... but Ryan and I have been praying... and the mountain still stands, glaring at us with those horribly intimidating eyes it has.

It can be discouraging... I'm being honest.

But each day we wait on the Lord, we seek Him to renew our strength.

We cling to His promises at every moment.

We know that His timing is perfect... not slow... perfect.

I am not going to beg for money on here (at least not today, I've already confessed that I will do anything for the boys). You all know our need and we're trusting that God is going to speak to each person whom we need to come alongside us and support us financially (huge thank you to everyone who has given to our adoption, you are such an encouragement and blessing to us) but I am going to ask, for prayer.

Please commit to praying for our boys. So far, we have only had a couple people commit to being their prayer warriors. I know MANY of you ARE praying for them so please email me so I can put you on my weekly prayer request mailing list and so I can put a heart on the boys' wall to remind us daily of the army God has raised to fight on behalf of our beloved little ones.

Well right here was where I was going to put an updated picture of the boys' wall, but my computer has been stupid lately, not wanting me to blog or let me into my courses for school (coincidence... probably not ;) so I will just be happy if this post publishes

Anyways... just know that there is LOTS more room for your heart.

Again my email is

Lastly, if you live in the Bismarck area there is an adoption event going on at Charity Luthern church tomorrow at 6:30. There will be dessert and childcare provided! If you've ever considered adoption, or even if you haven't, it will be a great time of learning and fellowship.

Also, we would love for you to join us at New Song church on Sunday. Ryan and I will be sharing a little about this incredibly crazy beautiful life God has blessed us with.

Services are at 9 and 10:45. Free breakfast at 10 :)

Hope to see you there!!

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  1. Hi there, just came from RR! I'm your neighbor to the west in Billings, MT! I love that you're rescuing these 2 boys! I'm sure you know Simeon has a lot of love! Just wondering if you're on Facebook and in the official RR group? Good place for support and fundraising. I'm not adopting but have a 3 year old with Ds and advocate for sn orphans!