Friday, February 1, 2013

Spread Hope! A message from Landon

Good morning all!! I have seen many Feb. 1st come and go in my life, but today when I woke up, I was reminded that this one is different, as will every Feb. 1st be from this day forward.

I was reminded as I lifted my sweet Landon out of his crib this morning that God has given me a great responsibility by giving me this child with such a special miracle heart.

I have the great responsibility to spread hope.

I carry this responsibility everyday, but Feb. is the month that the world has given me to step up on a pedestal and, through my son's story, share of God's faithfulness and power.

Hi, my name is Landon. I am just like any baby big boy, my age. I love to play and get into mischief. I love eating all different kind of foods, but puffs are my very favorite. I love my mama and papa and my soon to be big brothers bunches. Today I even waved good-bye to my papa when he left for work. It was no big deal, but mommy and daddy went on and on about it and smothered me in kisses. I love watching all the cars drive by out the window and staring up at our ceiling fans. Yep, I'm just like any other big boy, but mama tells me that God made me very special.

Mama tells me that when I was still in her tummy, the doctor told her that I had a very special heart. I have something called Pulmonary Artresia and Intact ventricular septum. Mama says that's just a very long word that means God chose not to open one of the valves in my heart. The doctor told my mama that I would have to go to the doctor a lot and even have to leave her and my papa sometimes so that the special doctors could open the door to my heart, look inside, and try to fix it. The doctor told me that I wouldn't be just like other big boys my age. He said that my heart wouldn't ever grow big and strong. He said that I wouldn't ever be able to use a big chunk of it, but mama tells me that she trusted that God could grow my heart and make it big and strong. Her and papa believed for me. Mama tells me that they had people all over the whole world praying for my special heart.

After I was born I was teeny tiny. Mama says the doctors had to take me right away so that God could help them fix my heart. Mama says that it was a very scary time and her and daddy cried a lot. I tell mama that was silly because I was safe with Jesus the whole time.

Mama says that the happiest day was when I finally got to go home and see my room and all my toys for the very first time. I learned right away that I really like my life. Mama would take me on stroller rides everyday. Everyday she would show me something new and tell me that God made it. God made EVERYTHING. He likes to make everything different. Mama says that is what makes everything so beautiful. Mama says that my heart is different, but that doesn't make it a mistake. God made my heart different so that I could show the world that different can be beautiful.



Mama says that not everyone believes that God still does miracles. She said that's why we have to tell them about my special heart. So many tears fell down for my heart and God told me He caught everyone. Mama says all the tears she cried could fill the ocean. So many prayers went up for my heart and mama says God heard everyone. Mama says God has a broken heart to, so He knows how hard it is and how much it hurts sometimes, so He decided to do something crazy! He took my little broken heart and He made it grow. Mama calls it a miracle. She says it's just like when Jesus made the little bit of bread and fishy into a lot of bread and fishy.

Mama says that my special heart left the doctors speechless. Then God helped the doctors fix my heart completely. Now my heart only looks a little different then most other boys and girls.

Mama tells me that there are lots of boys and girls that have special hearts just like mine. She says that miracles never look the same for everyone and that even though some boys and girls' hearts look really different that doesn't mean that they aren't miracles too.

So I helped mama change the calendar this morning and she told me that now it's February. She said that this is a special month where we celebrate all of the broken hearts. She said that we wear red this month so that we're reminded to tell our story and spread hope.

Mama told me that some mama's choose not to give their baby's broken heart a chance to beat on this world and go for stroller rides and play with toys. She told me that they get scared because they don't know that different is so beautiful. I told mama that is so silly. I told mama that even though I've had to get lots of owies that make me sad, I love my life and I'm glad that mama and papa believed that God can turn everything that's broken into something beautiful.

I wish that I could tell every future heart mama out there that, but I can't talk yet and I don't get out much, so I need you to tell my story for me. I need you to spread hope so that every baby with a broken heart will be given a chance. I need you to tell everyone that it takes a lot of tears and prayers, but brokenness can be something so so beautiful.

So will you help me??

Mama says that not everyone can see God's faithfulness on them, but I'm special cuz Jesus marked me :)


Go spread HOPE!!!


  1. Thank you Landon for sharing this with us...I will wear red and remember you always! Thank you for sharing hope with all of us...

  2. He is precious, what a miracle!

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