Thursday, May 21, 2015

Travel Date!!

We got the call yesterday morning!!

Our facilitator: "Are you ready?"

Me: "It's next week isn't it?!?"

She confirmed my hope that we will indeed be traveling by the end of this month!

We leave MONDAY!! Yes, as in FOUR days!!

As you would expect things are pretty crazy right now.

I'm allowing more screen time and snacks than I ever do, but hey, mama's gotta do what mama's gotta do... when you get told you have to be ready to leave the country in only a couple days!!

We're feeling awesome though!!

All four of us are overjoyed to begin this journey and bring brother and sister home!!

I just noticed that I've ended almost every sentence with an exclamation point, but that isn't even exaggerating. Our life can be summed up in one big exclamation point right now! !

With that said, I'm not going to have much time to keep pushing our giveaway so I need your help to keep sharing it until it's over.

Our giveaway is scheduled to end next Friday night (May 29th).

Next Friday we will get to meet and hold our babies for the first time (endless exclamation points).

Ryan assures me that we will still be able to use and choose our two winners.

We will arrange for someone else to send out the gift cards to the winners so you can get them asap!!

How amazing that this giveaway will end on the very day that we get to hold our babies in our arms.

I just can't even handle that kind of awesome!!

Sooooo pppppllleeeaaasssseee help us finish strong on this!

We have had several entries through people purchasing t-shirts, but only a couple otherwise.

I'm a little flabbergasted!!

Who doesn't want a chance to win a couple hundred dollars to improve or decorate their home this Summer???

So here's the deats one more time!!!

Don't forget you only have until May 29th to get your entries in to win


The Second name chosen will receive a


Here's how it works!!

Donation Amounts: 

$10 - 1 Entry

$25 - 5 Entries

$50 - 10 Entries 

$100 - 30 Entries
$500 - 250 Entries

Please Share on FB, Twitter or your blog!! This also counts as an Entry! 
Just leave a comment below telling us where you shared and your name will be entered.
Tax Deductible Donations can be made to our Family Sponsorship Page at: REECES RAINBOW
Please send your receipt to:
Donations can also be made in person, or through Paypal. 
Just click the yellow DONATE button on the top right hand side of our blog, right under our thermometer.

 Remember this giveaway will end on May 29th so don't wait to place your entries!!!

We will choose the winners through and post the lucky names on May 30th right here on our blog!!

We are SO CLOSE to beginning the next step of bringing our babies home. Please help us finish strong on our fundraising. Every dollar we receive from this giveaway helps to lessen our financial stresses in country and once we get our kiddos home.

We are also giving 50% of what we have earned from our t-shirts and this giveaway to the Benz family as they are behind us in the adoption process and still very much in needs of funds to bring their precious son home!!

With every entry you will be helping 2 families. You'll be playing a role in saving 3 children from life in an institution. AND you'll have a chance to win an amazing home improvement opportunity!! 

Sounds like a win-win to me!!!

I have to end this last pre-travel blog entry with a HUGE...


It is because of you that we are to this point! This is where the journey starts to get really messy and beautiful!! We can't wait to see God's story continue to unfold for our family. Thank you for supporting and praying for us as we take each step in faith.

If you wish to keep following our journey as we travel, please find me on facebook and ask to join our private adoption group.


  1. incredible !
    how do we find you on FB...

  2. Nicole, you can find me on fb under "Natalie Maxwell" or email me at and let me know your name and I can find you on fb and add you to our private group :)

  3. I tweeted! (laurigirl77) Congrats to you! Cant wait to see pics of your precious babies!