Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sharing the Love!

Now that we have reached our goal and are considering ourselves fully funded you may be wondering what we are going to do about our giveaway.

We have decided to continue with our fundraiser simply because we have started it. Any money raised now will go into our emergency fund.

There is really no "set" amount that if reached will absolutely guarantee us we have "enough". Unexpected delays or other unfortunate circumstances can always take place so it's wise to bring a couple thousand extra. Ryan and I have this money set aside, but any extra that we can raise now just means we will have some "once home" savings for medical bills.

God has so richly blessed us though and we are eager to pay if forward, even if in a small way.

So we have decided to invite our neighbors (seriously, they live only a couple blocks from us) and dear friends the Benz's to join our giveaway!!

Any money raised in our giveaway and our t-shirt fundraiser will be split 50/50 with them.

Kaylee and Derek are a young couple that have some of the biggest hearts! They are in the process of  adopting a little boy from the same country our babies are from.

You can see their family sponsorship page and read more about them by clicking HERE 
or by following their blog HERE 

Their Henry
How adorable is he!!! Can't you just picture him in their beautiful family??

Will you help us show them some love?!?

Same rules...

Donation Amounts: 

$10 - 1 Entry

$25 - 5 Entries

$50 - 10 Entries 

$100 - 30 Entries
$500 - 250 Entries

 Tee-shirt purchase - 3 Entries

 For every entry, your name will be entered into our Giveaway and
on May 29th we will post a video of the two winners chosen through

The First name that is chosen will win (drum roll!!!!!!)


The Second name chosen will receive a


Our t-shirt fundraiser is now live!! We needed to sell 10 shirts to make our printing goal which we did, so they will for sure be printed and any purchases after this is profit!!

You can view and purchase these awesome shirts by clicking HERE

For privacy reasons Tee Spring does not pass on your contact info to us so if you buy a shirt please let me know so I can get your name entered in our giveaway!!

Shirts are available in 3 great colors!

I love the message of these shirts!! They would make the perfect gift for anyone who has adopted, is in the process, or just anyone who values the significance of FAMILY!!

Please Share on FB, Twitter or your blog!! This also counts as an Entry! 
Just leave a comment below telling us where you shared and your name will be entered.
Tax Deductible Donations can be made to our Family Sponsorship Page at: REECES RAINBOW
Please send your receipt to:
Donations can also be made in person, or through Paypal.

 Remember this giveaway will end on May 29th so don't wait to place your entries!!!

Your gift will now go towards helping to bring home THREE precious children and save each of them from life in an institution!!


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