Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Celebrating ONE year with our Landon!

Today I tried to put all of the stress from school and the adoption aside and just

 celebrate one year.

One year of absolute JOY

If I had to think of one word to describe you Landon, it would be that... joy.

You are joy.

You embody it.

You spread it wherever you go.

You have blessed our lives beyond measure love bug.

Today I tried to go back... I tried to remember the girl I was here...

Just before my life would change forever.

That day I was not worried about school or paperwork... all I had was the moment... and I was determined to cherish every second God would give me with you because I knew I had no guarantee's.

And there you were... absolutely perfect.

 Today whenever I was tempted to worry or get stressed about my to do list, I remembered what it felt like when the only care I had in the world was for you to make it through the day.

You are mama's constant reminder of God's faithfulness Landon. I look at you and I'm reminded what matters.

If I give my heart to love, God will take care of the rest.

That doesn't mean that mama doesn't still have a ton of school to finish before I graduate and all of the paperwork to bring your brothers home isn't going to fill itself out, but God used you today to remind me that sometimes it's okay to...

Just let go of the to do list...

be present...

And cherish every...single...moment.

Mama is sorry that I sometimes get sucked into the business of life.

I know when you were sick, I promised myself that I would never forget what is important and that I wouldn't get distracted by things that aren't going to matter in eternity.

So today I tried to give you all of my attention.

I soaked in your smile, laughter, and joy.

I reminded myself that I used to dream of this day and I wondered if I would ever see it come to pass.

How can I forget Landon?

How can I take a day with you for granted... each day is an awesome gift.

You are a gift my love.

 Today I thought of where our life would be if we didn't have you.

I can't imagine it...

When we found out you were hiding out in mama's tummy papa and I were both scared. We didn't want our life to change, but now our life before you seems so


Some of the greatest blessings in your life Landon are going to be the things that you don't want. Praise God that He doesn't only answer our prayers, He sometimes gives us what we would never want to ask for.

God has used you to change mama and papa in more ways then I could ever think of. I am blown away when I realize that God used you to lead mama and papa to your older brothers.

His ways are so remarkable.

His timing is always perfect.

He has an amazing plan for you Landon Anthony.

I can't wait to watch it unfold.

It's hard for mama to watch you grow up, but it is also the most beautiful thing to see your personality come out more and more.

Your strong will.

Your determined spirit.

Your loving heart.

Your inquisitive mind.

Your hilarious sense of humor (you fit in our silly family so perfectly)

You are stubborn like your papa. You never give up until you have what you want. You will figure out how to open anything or get into any uncharted area.

You have started wrapping your arms around our necks and squeezing as hard as you can. Oh you give the best morning hugs!

We had a fun day today celebrating the blessing that you are to us.

Keep shining for Jesus love bug.

You are destined for greatness.

Give Him all the glory along the way!

Some pics from Landon's first birthday!

I made frosting and let him lick the mixer

At first he didn't know what to think of it. That's one really big funny looking spoon mama haha

First taste of chocolate




I think he likes it :)

okay mama I can take it from here

His eyes have been opened to chocolate. Poor guy will never be the same haha

I let him lick on it for a min... came back to this...

Papa brought him home a balloon. Ryan laughed for a good two minutes in the entry way when he saw Landon's face.

 I made Landon's favorite for supper... sloppy Lando's, but he couldn't really get any messier haha

 Bathtime for you messy munchkin!

 Sticking his finger in the bubble machine...that inquisitive mind at work.

 All clean, now time for presents
 He was so enthralled with the balloon.
 YAY!! I love paper!!

 This is the reason we got him his own toy smart phone

 Happy birthday Landon Anthony! Thank you for blessing our lives with never ending JOY!!

Thank you Lord for this day. It truly was a dream come true. Thank you for Landon, everything that he is, everything that he brings to our lives, every way he has changed me, and every way he will continue to bless and change us. Thank you for the future You have written out for Him. You have replaced my fear and given me such a HOPE for his future. Lead and guide Ryan and I as we raise him. Help us to demonstrate your agape love so that he never doubts it and comes to know and love You with all of his special little heart. Thank You for already choosing him to show the world your beauty, glory, and unceasing power.

As always, He is Yours.


  1. I loved it!!! Your spot on about him bringing people joy. Chocolate Yummmmm.