Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A letter to our lovies

Oh my dear little lovies,

Mama has not written to you for a long time. I am sorry about that, but mama has a very good excuse... Papa and I have been working nonstop to get you home to us. Our work is beginning to pay off too!! Our paperwork is very close to being done and we got our home study yesterday!! Now we can send our home study and a bunch of other papers to the United States government so that they can see how much we love you and that we will keep you safe always and forever. As soon as they realize that, things will move very quickly. We are hoping that we will finally be able to come to you in the month called June. I doubt they have a calendar for you to look at there but you just ask Jesus to tell you when the months change and He will. Now it is the month called April. Your baby brothers birthday is tomorrow!! He is going to be 1 year old! I wish you could be here to celebrate with us, but don't by sad lovies, there will be many many more birthdays for us to celebrate together, including your own!! If all goes as planned we will be with you for your next birthdays! Oh what a celebration we will have for you two!!!

After the month called April is May and then it's June!! See I told you it wont be long!! Hold on lovies, I'm praying that God will make the time zoom by for you so we will be there before you know it.

People are pouring out so much love and so many prayers for you boys. It is amazing and it brings mama to tears just to think of all the people that love you and are helping us bring you home. Everyone wants to know you. They want to see your smiles and here your laugh just like mama and papa do. They know and believe that our God has a mighty plan for both of you and they are each playing a huge role in making sure God's plan comes to fulfillment for you. I know that all your life you guys have just been another face in the orphanage or another mouth to feed, but the day is coming...

where you will belong.

You will be wanted and protected at all costs.

You will be loved beyond measured.

Look at how you are growing peoples hearts!! People from all over the world know your names now and want to make sure that you join your family.

Isn't it amazing!!

I see it everyday and I'm encouraged, but it makes me long for you even more. Mama's heart is sick and I know that it is going to stay that way until I have all three of my boys under the same roof, until I'm kissing three foreheads every night.

Ivan, look at your bed!! Papa put in together for you last week. The rocker is right by your bed so mama sits there at night and imagines the day when you will be sleeping so close to my presence. I know I will spend many future nights there with my hand on you, praying for you and crying tears of thankfulness.

Levi, your bed will be put up tonight and I will post a picture of it soon.

Mama loves you two more than words could ever say and I can't wait to devote the rest of my breaths on this earth to convincing you that there is nothing that could ever happen or anything you could ever do that would hinder my love for you. You are both gifts straight from the hands of God and there is nothing I could ever do to deserve a blessing as beautiful as you.

I'll love you till the end of time because no matter what happens, you will always be MINE.

Your mama 

thank you for holding my boys right now. Please whisper to their hearts that they are loved. Please share with them what a mama and papa means and tell them that they have ones who are doing everything they can to get to them. Tell them they don't have to be strong because you have all of the strength they need. Protect them from the enemy Jesus. Shield them from the pain and trauma that encompasses every moment of their existence. Tell them that we will be there soon. Fill their hearts with hope for things they've never known. Thank you for leading us to find Your boys. I can't imagine our life without them now. We don't deserve such treasures and we will spend the rest of our days thanking You for blessing us with more than we would ever know to ask for.

On a side note, if you are still waiting for you t-shirts please accept our sincere apology for the wait. I have been fighting a bladder infection and now our baby love has an ear infection. It's been a crazy couple weeks! All orders will be mailed out today unless you have ordered a toddler or youth size, we are still waiting for those sizes. Thanks for understanding! Please keep sharing about our t-shirts we've been amazed at people's positive responses to them :)


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