Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Happenings at the Maxwell house

Since I started my last blog post with something along the lines of, "wow, it's been forever since I've blogged!" I'll refrain from also beginning this post the same way.

The truth is, a lot of life has been happening here at the Maxwell house. We are in the midst of a really exciting season, but also a really full, tiring one.

I've shared our exciting news on facebook and instagram already, but for those of you who don't follow me there you may not know, the end of July we received some really amazing news! Ivan was evaluated for a surgery we had been praying would be an option for him for years. We were finally able to get him an appointment at Gillette's Children's hospital and to our amazement they approved him to have the Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. Every specialist we'd seen in ND, told us he would never be a candidate for it and that we were just wasting our time trying to get him evaluated. We could not be more excited for what this surgery may mean for our boy. If the SDR is successful, Ivan will no longer have to live with painful spasticity in his legs.

In August Ivan had a brain and spinal MRI done locally and sent to Gillette just to make sure that everything looked good to move forward with the surgery. The results held no red flags so then we just waited to hear back with a surgery date.

Last week we finally received the anticipated call. We were hoping to have the surgery done Sometime in October, but the earliest dates they had available would put us in the hospital over Christmas. Ryan and I both agreed that would be way too hard and not fair for Ivan or the other kids so we decided on the first available date in the New Year which is, January 11th.

So now that we have a date we are busy getting things settled with our insurance, figuring out child care, and working to pay off medical bills and save for the extended amount of time that I will be in St. Paul with Ivan and Vienna.

We are looking forward to December when I will again cut back on my evening and weekend work hours and we can enjoy plenty of family time before the exciting changes that the New year will bring.

We appreciate all of your prayers for our family during this exciting, but exhausting season we are in. God has been so faithful to us. He has filled our home with an absurd amount of joy and laughter and He sustains us through the long days when our human strength fails us. We are anticipating and praying that this surgery will be nothing short of a miracle for our special boy. It's so obvious that God has a remarkable plan for his future.

Ivan has begun 1st grade and is loving his new school. Gresham is really enjoying preschool!! He is learning so much and loves spelling and writing his name. He is such a kind sweet boy! Lover of animals and protector of his baby sister.

Gresh and Landon are still best buds and inseparable. With Landon's crazy imagination and strong will, and Gresham's fearlessness and endless energy, you can imagine the mischief they get into together :) 

This baby girl is growing a little too fast and is already crawling every where, chasing her big sibs around, pulling up to stand, and her new favorite, climbing stairs!

She loves eating, especially if she can eat what the bigs are eating.

This girl just amazes me everyday! It is so hard to believe that she is the same little baby we brought home a year ago. She is so close to taking steps on her own.
She was just fitted for some Sure Step SMO's which will give her better support in her ankles and feet.
Watch our world!! This girl is unstoppable!!

Look mom no hands!

Sometimes I just can't believe that one life can hold so much joy. We are so blessed by these little crazies! I'm also really glad we invested in a big table years ago :)

Trying on her new backpack. She will begin preschool soon!! I'm not sure how I'll handle my first morning at home without this little love, but she's ready to go!

This little one loves to play. She actually hits and keys and makes her own music!

These two are already best friends.  They share a room, clothes, toys, and a whole lot of giggles together!

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